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Suggested Reading

Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu
Author:  Masaaki Hatsumi
      This book is a must-have for anyone practicing ninpo!  This book is no longer in print.  Words can not describe the amount of material present in these pages.  I have often referred to it as the "ninja bible" simply because as I progress in training, I understand the book a little more.  Shihan Wade Goodner has translated this masterpiece into English and copies are available via his website. 
Click the link below to buy it!
The Way of the Ninja:  Secret Techniques
Author:  Masaaki Hatsumi
     The most recent release by Hatsumi-soke, this book is one of the most excellent works released thus far (in my humble opinion).  It contains many great pictures and lots of cool stories, such as history and philosophy.
Ninpo:  Wisdom for Life
Author:  Masaaki Hatsumi
     This book contains a lot of insight into the mind-set and philosophical base of the ninja.  Another great read!
Understand?  Good.  Play!
Author:  Masaaki Hatsumi
     The title comes from Hatsumi-soke's teaching when, after showing a technique, he'll say those three words.  They remind us of the fun-loving heart we must have in order to grow.  I've not read this one yet, but I assume it's great, just like all of Hatsumi-soke's books.
Essence of Ninjutsu
Author:  Masaaki Hatsumi
     This is a very deep and profound book, much like all of Hatsumi-soke's works.  This book contains many stories that also contain lessons for the budoka.  Another great read, sure to keep you hooked!
The Grandmaster's Book of Ninja Training
Author:  Masaaki Hatsumi
      Taken from a series of interviews with Hatsumi-sensei from various shihan, this is probably the most profound book on the hidden aspects of ninjutsu that I have read.  It deals more with the philosophy and "inner" teachings of ninjutsu then wazas and such.  An enthralling read!
Authors:  Masaaki Hatsumi and Quentin Chambers
      One of the older books on this list, this book deals exclusively with the stick arts of Kukishinden Ryu Happo Hikenjutsu.  Hanbojutsu, rokushakubojutsu, eda koppojutsu, and more are covered in this excellent book.  A great read and a great reference if a bo technique is giving you trouble!
Ninjutsu: History and Tradition
Author:  Masaaki Hatsumi
      A great book (my first purchase) dealing with various topics of ninjutsu.  Hatsumi-sensei covers a lot of ground by providing general explanations of many concepts.  This one provides great insights to the vastness that is the Bujinkan!
Ninja Series:  Volumes 1-5
Author:  Stephen K. Hayes
      Stephen K. Hayes was the first American to become a shidoshi of ninjutsu.  This 5 volume series- Spirit of the Shadow Warrior, Warrior Ways of Enlightenment, Warrior Path of Togakure, Legacy of the Night Warrior, and Lore of the Shinobi Warrior- provide a great deal of insight into taijutsu and even gives a demonstration of the kuji kiri.  This series will keep your nose buried for hours!
Ninjutsu:  The Art of the Invisible Warrior
Author:  Stephen K. Hayes
      This book focuses more on the physical side on ninjutsu training.  The basics of taijutsu are covered as well as some basic physical conditioning.  A good reference guide for the basic material!