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Kumogakure Ryu Ninjutsu -- The Hiding Cloud School

     Kumogakure Ryu, another school of ninpo taught in the Bujinkan, has very similar taijutsu to Togakure Ryu.  Some historians believe that it may have been created by the Toda family (who controlled the Togakure Ryu for many years) sometime in the 1600's.  It is a ninja school of thought and it focuses its techniques on the non-violent side of ninpo.  This is interesting to note because the Togakure Ryu also teaches that violence should be avoided. 
      Not much is known about Kumogakure Ryu Ninjutsu.  Kumogakure ninja would wear armored sleeves into battle (useful for blocking sword strikes as well as striking aids).  One of their special weapons was the kamayari, or hooked spear.  In combat, it was used against swordsmen (the hooks could trap and parry sword strikes).  If hiding above the opponent, it could also be used to strike from the sky.  The Kumogakure densho also speak of a ninja named Sarutobi Sasuke who used the kamayari to swing through the trees (Sarutobi means "monkey foot", a nickname given to Sasuke in recognition of his leaping ability as well as his use of the kamayari). 
     One feature of Kumogakure Ryu training was in the methods of survival and in how to start a fire, regardless of weather conditions.
       Iga Heinaizaemon, a soke of Kumogakure Ryu, had a son by the name of Kami Hattori Heitaro Koreyuki.  This man was the ancestor of Hattori Hanzo, the famous ninja in Japanese history (no doubt you have heard this name in "Kill Bill").